• Mystery Full Sub Shorts

Mystery Full Sub Shorts

$ 49.00

$ 39.00

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What just happened? Yep, that's right Savage is now offering mystery fully sublimated shorts.

Sometimes we don't sell out at tournaments or we misprint wrong numbers on wrong sizes. Whatever the reason, we have extra full sub shorts. Help us clear out our overprints and misprints from our warehouse. This is a mystery so you never know what you're going to get.

Designs can be in a wide variety of team, event, sports or brand items. As many of these are packaged up prior to fulfillment, we literally have no idea what print we're sending. 

If we don't have any in stock, we'll print, produce, and ship out a random full sub pair of shorts from our catalog to your door.

Please allow up to 2-3 weeks for order be shipped.

Mystery shorts are considered a clearance item and all sales are final.

Navigate to items using links/tabs above. If size charts are unavailable, please contact to inquire. 

The sizing measurements provided are average measurements and are intended to guide the wearer to the correct size. Actual, exact measurements may vary slightly (allowable up to 3.5%)
(Available information is valid. Please check back or inquire at for more information)