Dreher Ultimate Greenbackr

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Dreher Ultimate is a leading force in the high school Ultimate Frisbee community of Columbia, South Carolina. Dreher Ultimate welcomes fun, friendly, competition and regularly competes against other schools in the South Carolina Midlands. Last year, Dreher Ultimate placed 3rd in the Palmetto State Tournament, and 2 players were recognized for sportsmanship and team effort, both on and off the field. In the past 2 years, almost all of Dreher's senior Ultimate players have been invited to join high ranking teams in South Carolina, including the A-team for the South Carolina Gamecocks, and "Cockfight!", a men's club team.


In the past year at the 2018 Palmetto State Ultimate Tournament, Dreher went undefeated the first day. The following day came with two hard-fought losses, to place Dreher in 3rd for the year. However, Dreher Ultimate does not plan to stop pushing and our team takes pride in commitment. Every single one of our players are committed to becoming the best player they can be, physically and mentally. Dreher is always looking to up its game, and it doesn't just stop with the players. This year, we are determined more than ever to win it all in the State Championship, and we would love to win it in some exciting new jerseys. Every contribution is greatly appreciated and with your support, Dreher Ultimate can take the field by storm in style.


-William Caspino Captain, Dreher Ultimate