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Carolina Forest HS Ultimate Greenbackr

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CFUltimate started with a flyer for "UFC" around school. Apparently, the Ultimate Frisbee Club was not the UFC that several students were hoping it would be, so we started with just eight students. Since 2009 we have grown to upwards of 50 co-ed members during our "pick-up" season in the fall and around 25 each year who commit to the travel team.

Seven years ago, we started traveling into North Carolina to find more teams to play. This year we will return to the Queen City Tune Up in Charlotte to compete with some of the top high school teams in the nation. While this has been intense competition in the past, we have learned a lot about how the game is played at the highest level. Last year we took that knowledge and, after three straight years of finishing 2nd or 3rd, we broke through and won the SC State Championship.

Several of our players have gone on to play for teams in the southeast, including USC's Scorch, and current players hope to continue to have opportunities to pursue the sport they love.

Why support Carolina Forest Ultimate?

As a club team and not a sport sanctioned by the South Carolina High School League, costs for gear, jerseys, and travel is all either personally provided or fundraised. Couple that with the fact that our closest matches are two hours away in Charleston and Columbia and costs can be a significant detriment to participating. We hope to raise money to lower the cost of tournaments for all players and provide a safety net for players whose home situations do not allow them the money to purchase their own gear without some assistance. While we work on finding and growing more local teams, we hope you will consider supporting us in our efforts!