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Referral Program

Do you like earning money? Do you have a vast network of friends that need custom gear? Why not jump on board the Savage Referral Program. All teams that sign up for Team Marketplace will receive a team referral code. Each referral code used by a new team registering for Team Marketplace will get you paid in Savage bucks. 
  • Available to all Team Marketplace teams
  • $50 gift card provided to team for each referral code used
  • No limit to how many bonuses you can earn 

Ready to get your referral code? Email today!  

How this works

Be a Team Marketplace Team

The Referral Program is only open to teams that have participated in Team Marketplace by launching their very own. After all, you should experience it yourself before suggesting it to others. We're confident you'll love it, so if you don't have a Marketplace yet you have to check this out

Get your Code

At the launch of your Team Marketplace, we'll send you a unique referral code specific to your team. Share it with your teammates, your family, and your friends. Let them know a little bit about how Team Marketplace works and let them know how to contact us. Once they get in touch, we do the rest! Your code can be shared as often and as widely as you want and there's no limit to the bonuses you can earn! And remember, we're taking all kinds of teams.

If you've launched a Marketplace in the past and just heard about this, simply send us an email letting us know what team you're with. We'll be sure you get the referral code you need to share the love. 

Collect your Gift Card

Once your referred team contacts us we'll have a chat with them about their needs. If they end up successfully launching a Team Marketplace, we'll send you a digital gift card for $50! It's that easy. You help someone get some custom gear and you earn some free SAVAGE $$$. There's no limit to how many referral bonuses you and your team can earn, so go ahead and share that code! 

*the fine print

Bonuses are earned when a new team marketplace is launched. SAVAGE uses discretion on launches of team marketplace based on anticipated success of launch. 

Gift Cards are valid for 5 years from date of issue and cannot be duplicated or replaced in case of loss or theft.