National Gay Flag Football League

Official Apparel Partner of the National Gay Flag Football League

SAVAGE is proud to be the Official Exclusive Apparel Partner of the National Gay Flag Football League. Both teams and local member leagues will be able to take advantage of great pricing for custom gear. If you need custom t-shirts, jerseys or warmups, look no further than SAVAGE. 

NGFFL Team Deals*

Contact for additional promotional deals and pricing.  

Pro Package A

Pro Package B

Pro Package C

Pro Package D

Fully sublimated jersey, fully sublimated shorts, custom socks, & alternate jersey Two fully sublimated jerseys and fully sublimated shorts, & custom socks Fully sublimated jersey, shorts with number, alternate jersey, &custom socks  Dark jersey, light jersey, and shorts with number
$110 $135 $90 $85

NGFFL League Deals*

NGFFL local member leagues have special deals in place on league orders. Please contact for promotional deals and pricing.  




*Promotional discounted pricing cannot be combined with other discounts available with SAVAGE Apparel Co.