Mockup Disclosure

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Please be advised that by ordering items from SAVAGE that you agree to the following disclosure:

Attached are the 3d renderings of mockup proofs that we have on file to be printed. Proof mockups have been approved by the team and will be printed as the team has designated. Please understand that 3d renderings may not be exact to scale or placement
SAVAGE will not be held accountable for customer dissatisfaction in areas including but not limited to: spelling errors, missing art elements, or wrong colors if the mockups have been approved by team. Names will be printed exactly as inputted as available through the font style the team has chosen. If a name is unprintable due to length, we will contact you for an alternate printable name. 
SAVAGE does not guarantee color matching for reprint orders. Due to factors beyond our control that affect the printing process (heat, humidity, production facilities changing printers, etc.) it is not possible for us to guarantee that the colors of reprinted jerseys will match previous orders.