Fly By Disc Golf

Savage Apparel Company is proud to be partnered with Fly By Disc Golf. Through this partnership Savage is supporting the growth of Disc Golf and open and respected access to private and public lands. 


If you're like most avid disc golfers you can't help but see the world in terms of beautiful disc golf shots. A unique piece of property turns into an amazing disc golf holes, a group of trees turns into a obstacle to get around, and a pond... well you need to find out if you can throw over it. The team at Fly By Disc Golf took that passion and actually started talking with land owners to set up temporary courses and they now host a few events each year. When they set up a course you get a limited time to play it and then it's gone. The courses are set up with an amazing amount of detail and infrastructure which includes tons of course signage, tee pads, benches, tee signs, scorecards with maps, and so much more. We love their vision of growing the sport by bringing it to new places and new people. We're proud to be their apparel partner and if you want to be part of a unique disc golf experience and look great while doing it then join both of us in our effort to grow the sport. 


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