Team Marketplace FAQs

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Is there a fee to be in Team Marketplace?

Um, no. That wouldn’t be very American.

Can I put anything in there?

Just about! In order to make this work, we’ve had to put minimal restrictions on what’s available but we’re pretty confident we hit all the major points. For example, a screen printed jersey can have a 3-color print, names, and numbers on both sides. A fully sublimated jersey can have, well, all the customization you want.

How long will it take to get our order?

From the time your marketplace is up, it will remain open for 10 days. After the ordering window closes, we will begin production. As these are custom orders, the same custom order timeline will apply for the team shipment: 4-week guarantee on orders containing only screen prints and spot subs, 6-week guarantee on orders including full subs beginning from date of marketplace closure. Individual shipments can be expected to ship approximately 1 week later.

What if I need it sooner?

SAVAGE is accustomed to working with tight timelines. If it’s something manageable, we’re happy to work with you. If we feel that it puts a strain on our production line and other orders, we will notify you that an expedite fee may need to be charged. Alternatively, our traditional ordering process may suit your needs better.

I already have an existing partnership agreement with SAVAGE. Can I add this?

We’re so glad you’re already partnered with SAVAGE! It warms our hearts. You’ve been getting great deals for a while now, and we will totally honor your existing contracts for its full term. Unfortunately, we can’t have 2 active agreements with you. We are also willing to nullify the existing contract in lieu of a new signed agreement within this platform.

How does this credit work?

We want to help you raise funds for your next order, and we want your fans to be able to support your team. Your Team Marketplace will be open to the general public, so you should promote it to your networks (we’ll help promote it too)! Teams will receive 15% of net revenue on items purchased without using the specific discount codes supplied to you (team and fans) as a credit on your next order.

SAVAGE has minimums on custom orders. Are there still minimums?

Glad you asked! Not officially. What’s important is that we work together. Our team will work with you to select items that we feel will be marketable based on your team size and promotion capacity. As always, we aim to have at least 8 items printed per design. Should any item or design not hit 8 (unlikely through cooperation, but possible), we will still print the items and deliver them as expected.

Can we reorder at a later time?

That’s the beauty of this program, it’s always available for you! Even when your Team Marketplace closes, it’s still visible to the public. And, we can reopen for purchase! We just need to coordinate the right timing to suit your needs. We do require a minimum 2-month hiatus between store openings, so let’s coordinate accordingly! Just email your rep and let them know you’re ready to reopen and for whom. All the same rules apply and your team and fans will be so grateful that it’s so easy.

How long can we keep our Team Marketplace open?

We can leave your Team Marketplace open for a 10-day window. We have to be able to manage timelines to produce and deliver apparel, and this will allow us to accomplish that. If you feel that you need it shorter or longer, give us a call and we’ll see what we can do. But, the rule of thumb is 10 days.