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Who is on the team?

Check out our staff page to see how the magic happens and how all of the pieces come together! (coming soon)

Where do you print? Where do you make your gear? Is your gear ethically sourced?

Glad you asked! We are based out of Richmond, Virginia and most of our operations happen right here at our HQ. We screen-print in-house. We spot sublimate in-house. And, we do a lot of our full sublimation cutting, printing, and sewing here in Richmond, too! We have a partner in Vancouver Canada that currently does some of our full sublimation and we have a partner in Georgia that handles much of our embroidery. We’re extremely proud to support both our local economy and work-force as well as that of a broader North American community. We use factory partners globally to produce some of our blank apparel for printing and material partners to source our inks. Each company that we work with is registered with the Fair Labor Association (FLA) and held to high standards of ethics and safety. At SAVAGE, we know that the people and the environment around us are precious.

I’ve heard screen print inks can be bad for you. Is this true?

In 2008, The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) banned the use of certain harmful phthalates in products. Phthalates are the most commonly used plasticizers in the world and are pretty ubiquitous at this point.  Because they are so widely used they have already undergone extensive testing for possible health and environmental effects. Three phthalate compounds have been banned outright for their potential harmful effects and three others are under continued study. At SAVAGE, all inks and consumer products used are free of these six designated phthalates and deemed safety compliant by the CPSIA. In addition to maintaining strict compliance with ink safety standards, SAVAGE commits to using only all-natural cleaners for the washout and reuse of screens.

What’s up with the Yeti?

When you see the Yeti, you know something cool is happening! The Yeti has been the SAVAGE spirit animal since 2009 bringing gifts to all the good boys and girls. If you’re lucky, you’ll see the Yeti at an event near you. Be sure to get it on social #yetisighting. Yeti loves it when you hashtag!

Do you have internships available?

As a matter of fact we do! Internships are not pre-structured but built to fit the talents and needs of the students inquiring. If we feel that you would be a good fit with the SAVAGE team, we’re willing to work with you to build an internship full of learning and love.
It’s come to pass over the past 7 years that we’ve hired a few of our past interns on as full-time employees.  How cool! Email your resume and internship requests to Maybe there’s some magic we can make together.