SAVAGE, the ULTIMATE Apparel Company was born from yeti DNA in 2009. Started in Todd Curran's guest room, SAVAGE quickly gained momentum as one of the top brands in the sport of Ultimate. Recognizing that other sports and industries would benefit from SAVAGE apparel, SAVAGE has expanded further into the outdoors market and new sports including Kickball, Flag Football, Disc Golf, Quidditch, Dodgeball and Spikeball.

SAVAGE is headquartered Richmond, VA with supporting offices in across the continent and is structured to perform at the highest level for you, your team or event. 

SAVAGE is committed to providing unsurpassed customer service and selling top quality products to the active world. 

With over 7 years in the customizable apparel business, SAVAGE knows what it takes to make our customers happy - quality products, on-time delivery, easy ordering processes, and strong customer service. The SAVAGE team has been trained on providing the customer with all the information they need to make an informed decision. SAVAGE has been working hard to design top-notch apparel for the active world and proudly offering Made in the USA and Made in Canada options to keep jobs in North America. 


The Crew


Todd Curran


Todd Curran started his journey in this world in 1984. Became President. The rest is history.

Dan Curran

VP of Production

Despite what he might tell you, Dan is a super cool dude. You can often find him walking around wearing a red and white striped sweater and a puffball-adorned hat in large crowds, trying his best to not be noticed. Unfortunately for him, he is too awesome to go unnoticed, and is in fact the paradigm of classy charisma. We all look to him for the next big name in table tennis, friendship bracelet patterns, and romance novel recommendations. But, man does he love secrets. When he isn't trying to blend in, you can find Dan mixing it up on the dance floor with moves that can only be described as "A Man met a Jellyfish at a Rave: creative body movements and soulful expression". In his down time...wait, what down time?

Dan Lee

VP of Sales

Dan's previous roles include agent, boss, alien, and actor. No joke. Dan's previous nicknames, wholly unassociated with the list of previous roles, include Giggles, Beautiful, Mcgee, and Little Bear. Dan has slowly been working on his plan to take over the world since watching his first Pinky and the Brain episode. The plans are nearing completion and fear rumbles through office on a near hourly basis. Of course, that may just be his chuckling. If you want to know what this maniac's weakness is, I've got 2 words for you: Pizza Food.

Savannah Younts

Art Director

Is there anyone more SAVAGE than Sav? Good luck finding someone. This rad gal has got it all - charm, organization, and great hair. Originally from South Carolina, she has found herself exploring the U.S. and the rest of the world. Most might assume she's just full of wanderlust. But if rumor proves true, she's actually been hired by secret government agencies to prevent high-profile assassinations. You hear about the assassination of Brad Pitt? Didn't think so. Not only does she keep the SAVAGE art team organized and even dabble in some of the design herself, she also saves lives. If you ever get the chance to meet Savannah, don't be afraid of her lingering southern accent, she'll treat you right with some good ol hospitality....unless you cross her.

Keys Pattie

Production Manager

Nothing happens without Keys' approval. Keys is the wizard behind the curtain, the man behind the myth, the wind beneath my wings, the fuel for our engine. The Keys to our ignition? Whatever, you get it. Keys once almost bought a pirate ship. Then he thought, "Pirates don't buy things." Keys now has a pirate ship. We're pretty sure he's also buried treasure around here somewhere. There'd be no other reason for all these pirates to suddenly be around.


Ava Nelson

Graphic Designer

Want to meet someone who really is the bee's knees? Well our graphic designer, Ava, is just that. When not brewing, birding, baking, or braving the dragon-infested depths of the internet, this bird-brained barista can be found drawing up a menagerie of jerseys for viewing and wearing pleasure.  Ava can otherwise be found dressing up for the next Renaissance Faire, reading every YA fantasy novel she can get her hands on, and adding new hats to her cool hat collection. #featherorbust. To get her jumping: Avicii, Bitter Ruin, and Caravan Palace. Yep, we know, she's as hip as they come.

Austin Bartenstein


After his acting career came to a screeching halt in high school, Austin turned to the next weirdest thing he could find: the flatball. Fate led him to Mary Washington where his frisbee career also came to a screeching halt (they're good now, though!). Tired of all the high pitched noises surrounding his life and sudden stopping, he fled the country in search of calm and fluid movements. After 7 years in Tibet, he came back with extensive knowledge of the perfect Ultimate Jersey and the world's finest teas. Soon we'll all be wearing the newest craze in fashion, the teabag jersey.

Connor Mitts


Connor is a disc golf course destroyer. Courses literally quiver at the sound of his name. You think that was an earthquake? Nope, that's just Connor teeing up to basket 1. A Colorado State University graduate, he spends his free time between mountain peaks and the local craft breweries. He'll be the guy at the brewery with the buttery voice regaling tales of disc golf glory: "Over the river, around the tree, between the low branches, and into the basket" might be his most commonly used phrase.

Steve Minnich


Steve Minnich picks things up and puts them down. Sometimes it's boxes, sometimes it's people. A quidditch legend, Steve has been playing longer than muggles knew about the sport. Rumor has it he's been working on a prototype of a flying broom, but only so players can finally turn "so do you fly?" into a talking point.

Robert Goode


You may know Robert from his modeling career with SAVAGE. His ability to wear clothes, talk about clothes, and smile lovingly into the camera is uncanny. It's unbelieveable that he hasn't been picked up by Hollywood executives yet. Contrary to the above statement, he did not move to the west coast to begin his modeling career. He remains SAVAGE-loyal. Robert is one of those guys that truly relishes the simple things in life, like breakfast. He really likes breakfast...with relish.


Scott Searcy

Level 5 Sublimation Cleric/Green Beret

Scott came on in the summer of 2015 but left soon after in what we believe to be some sort of scientific and experimental surgery. He is now back at Savage with a scar reminiscent of the Mercedes-Benz logo the size of a small child on his torso. We expect that he is now half machine, although made of Legos instead of adamantium, as he just pumps out full subs non-stop.

Grace Rutkowski

Production Assistant/Order Fulfillment

Grace is a virtuoso at multi-tasking. She'll be teaching a master class at a local public library near you soon. When asked to write a bio blurb, she replied, "I'm in Sweden and I'm eating a Belgian waffle....ok, I'm on it." I would be surprised if she weren't also simultaneously enjoying other hobbies like juggling and thinking of her cat TT. Never not doing multple things, she's tried to combine playing ultimate with basketball. Be on the lookout for Ultibasket soon....wait...

Nick Evans

Production Assistant/Order Fulfillment and Intern

Nick, a sophomore working towards a degree in Marketing at VCU, holds several world records. Yes, several. None of them are published or validated, but that doesn't diminish his pride or his sense of accomplishment. Challenge him to a game of Guess Who, I dare you. Since his record-breaking feats, he has dedicated his spare time to Ultimate. When not in classes or playing ultimate he's probably getting food. He's seeking yet another unpublished title to hold, so text in with your suggestions.


In Memorium

No, these people aren't dead, they just left to pursue other goals. However, we still love them and felt they should appear here too.



Mat Seibert

Not to be confused with a Two "T"ed Matt, Mat Seibert is our former Head of Art Production, now in a freelance art role as he pursues his lifelong goal to be the greatest mini-golfer in all of Chicago. His training regimen includes drinking Goose Island Greenline while listening to Run the Jewels and practicing his rap game with the local street youths. You'll note none of that is golf related. That's because Mat knows how to visualize success. If you ever need someone to talk podcasts, typography or "fashionable" sweaters, this little firecracker is the guy for you. From the archives of favorite quotes: "If you love Comic Sans, you know nothing about typography. If you hate Comic Sans, you know nothing about typography." -Simon Garfield

Chase Gunn

A Natural Light connoisseur in a jungle full of craft beer lovers, Chase enjoys taking time out of his day to enjoy the finer things in life. During his spare time he can often be found teaching new slang terms to the older generation in hopes of bridging the ever growing age gap. He is by far the least buns of the SAVAGE crew and the coolest employee to ever work at SAVAGE, besides Keys, of course.

Lillian Goldstein

Lillian was once asked, "What do you want to do tonight?" She exclaimed, "I DON'T KNOOOOOWWWW!!!!!" Her whole life is lived with just this type of passsion. She wears her dope sneakers with passion. She performs compelx mathematical equations with passion. She definitely produces shipping labels with mad passion. From snacks to shows to graphs to clothes, Lillian knows what's awesome and she'll be sure to tell you when something awesome is happening..."Guys, this is awesome!"



SAVAGE offers internships in sales, marketing, and art. Internships are available for spring, summer, and fall. The unpaid internships are 12 weeks and have optional earning opportunities. We are now accepting Spring 2017 and Summer 2017 internship applications. To submit an application, email your resume and cover letter to