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US Dodgeball

US Dodgeball is a not-for-profit organization representing the United States in dodgeball at the international level. We are committed to developing the sport of dodgeball within the United States at both the local and international levels in compliance with the guidelines set forth by the World Dodgeball Association (WDA), Global Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF), and International Olympic Committee (IOC).

Team USA is competing in the 2018 Dodgeball World Cup this August 3 - 4 at Madison Square Garden in New York City! The United States Men's, Women's and Mixed teams will be challenged by 12 nations from around the world to determine who will emerge victorious as dodgeball champions.

To learn more about US Dodgeball and our #RoadToMSG please visit us at:
Website: usdodgeball.com

We thank you for visiting our Savage apparel marketplace and welcome you to support us both on and off the court! U-S-A!
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