• Additional Yeti-Bear Jersey (Anchorage, AK)

Additional Yeti-Bear Jersey (Anchorage, AK)

$ 29.00

$ 19.00

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Additional requested Yeti-Bear Jerseys are available!  Your registration will include a free jersey, which can be done on this page.  This is our 9th year running UltiGift and we are partnering with dozens of cities across the country.  

Order Deadline Dec. 1

Delivers to Ultigift TD

Navigate to items using tabs below. If size charts are unavailable, please contact for more information. 

The sizing measurements provided are average measurements and are intended to guide the wearer to the correct size. Actual, exact measurements may vary slightly (allowable up to 3.5%). The measurements are for the dimensions of the garment itself, not the wearer.

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