SAVAGE Spirit Team Program

So you think your team has spirit? We're sure you do! And, we want you to spread it to the world. We developed the SAVAGE Spirit Team Program to give our sponsored teams the opportunity to further engage their fellow teams at tournaments and after games, to give them the chance to reward their colleagues for exemplifying true Spirit of the Game.
SAVAGE-sponsored teams have the opportunity to apply, via video-submission, to be a Spirit Team. Simply post a spirit video to your team's social media and tag @savageultimate. Make sure you show how your team lives up to a high caliber of SOTG. 
Not yet sponsored by SAVAGE, simply email us to learn more about the partnerships we have available. 


What do Spirit Teams get from SAVAGE? First, you get our commendation for your attitude. Then, you get these perks to pay forward:


   -SAVAGE Spirit Team Flag to display ALL of your spirit
   -Official SAVAGE Spirit Jerseys to present as gifts (vouchers/gift certificates provided)
   -SAVAGE cinch sacks containing SAVAGE coupons and "S.O.T.G." hats
   -Official SAVAGE Game disc to sign and present


Spirit teams will undoubtedly know that spirit is its own reward. Still, SAVAGE will send infrequent gifts to spirit teams to encourage the continued excellence on and off the field. 


Spirit teams will have the privilege of wearing the SAVAGE Spirit Badge on their kits from SAVAGE. 

Questions? Contact us to get those answers!