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  • | Erica Curran

    US National Team Wins the Quidditch World Cup

    After facing off with quidditch teams from all over the globe, the U.S. National Team won the International Quidditch Association's World Cup this weekend in Florence, Italy. Savage couldn't be prouder to rep this crew, made up of some of the best players from throughout the country.  To celebrat... View Post
  • | Erica Curran

    Are You Ready for the IQA World Cup? We Totally Are

    The International Quidditch Association's World Cup is scheduled for June 27-July 2 in Florence, Italy, and Team Savage is pretty darn excited. We have partnered with US Quidditch and the US National Team to provide uniforms for this year's competition. Our very own Dan C. is even taking one for ... View Post
  • | Erica Curran

    US Quidditch Cup 11 Recap

    Earlier this month, the Savage crew headed to Texas for the US Quidditch Cup 11. Over the course of the weekend, we witnessed some incredible playing from nearly 90 teams—it was one of the biggest quidditch events ever held! The University of Rochester Thestrals beat the No. 1-ranked Texas Quiddi... View Post