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  • | Austyn Pedersen

    An Open Letter To The Person Who Introduced Me To Ultimate

    College is a time where everyone finds the place they belong. Some people are fortunate enough to know where that is before they ever get to school, while others want to belong somewhere but just don't fit in. I was a different case; I thought I had my entire four years planned out. Thankfully, I... View Post
  • | Austyn Pedersen

    Iguanas, Sloths, and Frisbee, Oh My! Recap on the 2016 Volcanic Tournament

    The Volcanic tournament down in Costa Rica just wrapped up its 9th year this past Memorial Day weekend and SAVAGE was lucky enough to be able to not only provide gear for the tournament, but also got to send one of our own to play in the tournament. Volcanic is a great way to not only enjoy a we... View Post