• | Lauren DeLuca

    The Tampa Bay Cannons on stepping up to fight breast cancer and why Real Men Wear Pink

    The Tampa Bay Cannons have a lot of heart. If you’re a fan of the team and follow them on social media, you’ve probably seen photos of them out marching for unity and equality, posting fitness tips to motivate us all to stay healthy while social distancing, and sharing pics with their favorite ce... View Post
  • | Lauren DeLuca

    4 Reasons Why 2020 is Going to be the Best AUDL Season Yet

    The first pull of the 2020 American Ultimate Disc League season is fast approaching, and we honestly can’t wait for April 4 to get here. Some major developments took place during the off-season, so we put together a quick breakdown of all the important news you might have missed out on while hibe... View Post
  • | Chase Gunn

    HOLY HIGH TIDE, Batman! How will we get there?

    High Tide is awesome! The internet says so…* “It's definitely a thousand times more fun than anything else I could do over spring break” “hell yes, absolutely the best tournaments of my college career” “do you want to have one of the best times of your life?” “You'll be counting the days till... View Post