• | Erica Curran

    Ultimate Ink explores the stories behind players' tattoos

    If you play Ultimate, you've probably noticed a tattoo or two that has made you look twice. You suspect there's a story behind the ink, one that may inspirational, tragic, or downright hilarious — like the infamous player who had a rat in a chicken costume tattooed on his butt after losing 1 in 1... View Post
  • | Dan Lee

    Greenbackr Crowdfunding Success Story: Dreher High Ultimate

    Dreher High Ultimate just got one step closer to a successful season thanks to their hard work, supportive fans — and Greenbackr. Their fundraising goal for their Greenbackr crowdfunding campaign was $750, but they managed to raise $1,089 for the upcoming season. (BTW: You can buy those Dreher Hi... View Post